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Spiritual Direction

Women's soul spas

Group/individual retreats


The services I provide and their fees are found below. If cost is a concern, don't let that stop you from making an appointment for a service! Please talk to me about making payment arrangements. I accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.


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How May I Help You?

"Follow your heart, but take your brain with you."
- Alfred Adler
Mandala Assessment Research Instrument
(MARI) | $100/ hr.


If you're looking for a different approach to spiritual direction or personal insight, look no further than the MARI. By using mandalas and the MARI symbol and color cards, we are able to take a snapshot of where you are spiritually and emotionally in order to gain insight. You can find further information about what a MARI is HERE and there's a picture of a MARI I did in the Home page slide show.


Please fill out the two forms mentioned HERE and bring them with you to the first session.


First Session: Approximately two hours. I will have you do a mandala and the MARI.


Report Preparation: Approximately two hours. I do this--you're at home relaxing!


Second Session: Approximately 1 hour. I will give you the interpretation report (yours to keep) and go over it with you. We may do another mandala or make changes in the MARI depending on time and need.


Total time: Five hours ($500)

Individual and Couples Counseling
$100/hr individual
$125/hr couples
I do not accept insurance, but am willing to give you an invoice that you can submit to your insurance company yourself.
Pre-Marital Counseling
$960/12 hrs


Congratulations on having the courage to strengthen your relationship!


The Prepare-Enrich (P-E) program is scientifically based and well-respected. It's also a lot of fun! Whether you're dating, engaged, or already married, P-E's online assessment is tailored to where you are in life. Couples take the online assessment and the results are given to me in order to share your strengths and growth areas, giving us a plan of what to work on in our time together. Workbook is included with my facilitator's fees. $960 ($80/hr per couple)/12 hr package.

Plan ahead! This process is a twelve hour commitment, typically broken down into six two-hour sessions. When doing this as pre-marital counseling, couples typically like to do one session per month, leading up to the month before they get married. This gives time to work on homework and process what you are learning about each other. It can, of course, be done more quickly, depending on scheduling.

Additional Fees/Materials: The assessment is $35 and paid by the couple online (I provide you with a link after we make an appointment).

Also, I require that couples purchase (or check out from the library) The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman. It is available for purchase HERE.

Please fill out the two forms mentioned HERE and bring them with you to the first session.

Groups: If there are enough couples (or you have other friends that want to do this, too), we can also do P-E in a group setting. It's fun to develop deep relationships with other couples as you get to know yourself and your partner even better. There is even a group discount! $900 ($75/hr per couple)/12 hr group package.

Women's Soul Spa |
$300/AM or PM


Busy career? Busy mother? Just plain busy? It's time to have a time out with your very own soul spa!


For 2-3 hours, I will come to you in the comfort of your home (or we can arrange another place that is quiet) and shape a retreat that is made especially for you or your group of friends' replenishment. You don't have to worry about a thing--I will lead you on a gentle journey of relaxation, reflection, and peace.



Retreats | Mini (AM or PM): $300 | Full Day: $600 | Weekend: $1500


As a priest, I have led a variety of retreats based on a group's needs. If you tell me what type of group you have and what your needs are, I can shape something for you. Here is a brief list of retreats I have done in the past:


+Women's Retreat

+Clergy Retreat

+Celtic Retreat (a retreat using Celtic spirituality)

+Discernment Retreat

+Reader's Retreat

+Vestry/Church Council/Session Retreat

+Personal Retreat (a mini soul spa for an individual)

+Movement and Prayer Workshop


Speaker: I am also available as a speaker, if you would like me to speak at your retreat: $75/hr



Spiritual Direction |



Spiritual direction is useful for any person who wants to have a more focused relationship with God. It is a kind of "holy listening" and is different from pastoral counseling as it is solely focused on the spiritual directee's (that's you!) relationship with God.


While I can do traditional spiritual direction (talking, praying, reflection, and silence), instead, I often engage the Arts. For example, we may do a mandala, make a collage, listen to music, or do physical movement in a session, depending on where the Holy Spirit is calling us.


I like to meet with directees about every 4-6 weeks.


Each session is one hour in length. Suggested donation: $60-80/hr.


Clients Answer:


What did you like most about the


Prepare-Enrich experience?



"I enjoyed the time together to be dedicated to working and talking about our relationship. I enjoyed the genogram class as that was interesting to see the patterns within each of our families. It also prompted additional discussions within my family when we got together."


"Talking with each other in the presence of Danae was very enlightening!"


"I was very pleasantly surprised by the whole thing and there really wasn't anything I didn't like. I thought it was great for our relationship to go into every aspect we did."


"The only thing that was disappointing was that the sessions went by way too quickly."


"I most liked that the process was tailored to us as a mature couple who have some of the knowledge and experience that, perhaps, another couple may not have."


"Conversation around conflict- it helped us actually address what we both knew was going on but had remained unaddressed."

A Client Reflects on the MARI:


"I knew I was struggling both emotionally and spiritually, yet I could not break the cycle. After drawing my mandala and having a MARI assessment, I felt like I understood the situation and myself better. My problem was more manageable."



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