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Fertility Journey Support


The journey to become a parent is not always easy. 'Infertile' and 'barren' are the hopeless and soul-crushing terms that the general public use to describe the journey with fertility struggles. This is why I prefer to re-frame what's happening as a 'fertility journey' because it is just that--a journey--and it encompasses more than just the person with the uterus.


Many of us, including me, have found this journey to be a painful, frustrating, anxious, and desperate process. As someone who understands all the fertility lingo (HSG, BFP, DPO, oh my!) and the mix of emotions when you see baby announcements on Facebook, I am here to offer you hope and solace in the form of counseling and resources.

Fertility Journey Support
Counseling & Ritual

Fertility Journey Support through individuals and couples counseling: This journey can be isolating both for individuals and couples. Having another layer of support via counseling helps to ease anxiety and promote hope. Fee: $125/hr individual; $150/hr couples. Bearing in mind the costs of fertility treatment, these prices are negotiable depending on circumstances.


Fertility Journey Support through ritual: As human beings, it is important to mark time and events in a sacred way that contributes to healing and wholeness. If you have been feeling like you need to do something to mark your pregnancy losses or any part of your journey, I can assist you.


How this works: We will meet for 90 min-2 hours so I can listen to your story and outline your needs. Then, I will design a ritual that you can use to help you through your journey. Fee:$200


Contact Soul Spa Seattle for your appointment today! Email or call 425.248.9224.

Seattle Area Community Resources

Lynn Jensen, Yoga for Fertility, classes and retreats in the Seattle area.


Fertility Journey Support Group is now RESOLVE Laurelhurst:

3rd Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Parish Hall

4805 NE 45th Street

Seattle, WA 98105

Contact: Tanvi and Keltie at


RESOLVE, Kirkland Chapter, meeting link here. North Seattle Chapter (Greenwood Library), meeting link here.


Mind/Body Program for Fertility, by therapist Carol Knoph, M.Ed., LMHC. Carol does a wonderful couples' fertility therapy group program, as well as other offerings. Her website is here.

You are not alone on this journey
Fertility Publications
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