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Clergy Care Circles

Why interfaith and interdenominational?

Being a clergy person can be isolating, lonely, and difficult, especially when you may feel like others in your denomination are competitive or untrustworthy. A circle of clergy from diverse backgrounds and traditions encourages trust and ensures confidentiality. The diversity within the circles nourishes interfaith relationships and deepens faith.


What will we be doing?

Clergy are often so busy leading and helping other people discern their spiritual lives that they do not have significant time for their own. Clergy Care Circles are specifically about your relationship with God and offer themes to facilitate reflection individually and as a group.


Each meeting begins with a brief ritual and prayer, introducing the theme. Next, there is facilitated sharing as the Circle reflects on how the theme intersects in their own spiritual life. Finally, I will offer therapeutic tools at each meeting, depending on the needs of the group. It is like a mini-retreat just for you each month!


When do we meet?

Clergy Care Circles are small groups of six-eight clergy and meet once a month for two hours online via videoconferencing on a Thursday, Friday, or a Sunday. Each session runs for four or five months and can be renewed, which means you can attend indefinitely or take a break or leave permanently without additional stress or expectation. Some seasons are busier than others and some seasons you need more connection. The Circles are here when you need them and there is no additional obligation.


Your application will help me discern which group would be right for you and I will contact you about the specific days and times after you apply.


Is there an online option?

Yes! We are exclusively online using HIPAA compliant video conferencing software.


What if I want to be in-person?

Please email me when you send in your application to indicate you would like to form an in-person group in the Seattle area instead. If there is enough interest and we can work out a schedule, I am glad to do this. Otherwise, all groups are online.


What is the fee and how do I apply?

The fee for each four-month session is $250 total and will be paid via cash, check, or credit card at the first session, unless other arrangements are made. You can pay here on the website through the SHOP. I will give you an invoice upon request in order to use continuing education or other institutional funds to pay for the group.


The application is to help me discern what your needs are and is not meant to exclude anyone.

CCC run in four and five month increments beginning in January and September. We take the summers off. You may apply anytime and I will put you in the next upcoming CCC. The deadlines for application are: September 1 and January 5.

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Clergy Care Circles

Therapeutic group spiritual direction for clergy from diverse faiths and circumstances

Be with those who help your being. ~Rumi

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