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The Rev. Danáe Ashley has been featured in a number of media publications from podcasts to books. Please browse these resources and hopefully you will find something that is helpful to you!



Fidelia's Sisters - Young Clergy Women International (YCWI)

* The Molting Season

* The Fragility of Skin

* Partners in Prayer: Advent Devotional 2015, December 6th


Working Preacher: Craft of Preaching

* Preaching + Fertility Struggle

* Am I My Sibling's Keeper?: Preaching with Systems Theory


Luther Seminary's Faith + Leader

* It's Not "Just a Dog": The Ministry of Animal Companions

* Couplehood in the Time of Pandemic

* Wedding Bells are Still Ringing: The Creativity of Pandemic Weddings

* Spiritual Direction vs. Therapy: What is the Difference?

* Prayer or Meditation Stations: Made for a Pandemic

* Clergy Care Circles: Where Somebody Cares for You!

* Yes, Therapy and Spiritual Direction Are for Church Leaders

* Spiritual Practices for Trauma-Informed Churches

* Dear Matchmaker: Should I Reveal my Spirituality to a Date?

* Dear Sophia: Do All Dogs Go to Heaven?

* Dear Sophia: What Are Your Best Tips for Raising Compassionate Kids?

* Dear Sophia: How to survive my family's holiday gatherings?

Episcopal Café

* Speaking to the Soul: Marking Grief

* Speaking to the Soul: Quick to Listen 11/13/20

* Speaking to the Soul: St. John of the Cross and Mystics 12/14/20

* Speaking to the Soul: Who is God 1/15/21

* Speaking to the Soul: The Fast I Choose 2/8/21

* Speaking to the Soul: Together 3/8/21

* Speaking to the Soul: The Faith of Daniel 4/12/21

* Speaking to the Soul: Patience through the Wilderness 5/10/21

* Speaking to the Soul: Discernment 6/14/21

* Speaking to the Soul: Celebration 7/12/21

* Speaking to the Soul: Edith Stein 8/9/21

* Speaking to the Soul: Alvie's Garden 9/13/21

* Speaking to the Soul: Feast of St. Philip 10/11/21

Other Articles

* The University of the South, School of Theology: Balancing Private and Pastoral Practices


* Don't Talk About the Baby

* Godspace: Spirituality of Gardening Online Course - Module 4: Creating a Sacred Space in the Garden



Sermons that Work: Narrator

* Pentecost 5 (A): Come to Me - July 5, 2020

* Pentecost 6 (A): Seeds and Soil - July 12, 2020


* Pentecost 7 (A): Inheritance - July 19, 2020

* Pentecost 8 (A): Even One Cup - July 25, 2020

* Epiphany 5 (B): Revealed - February 7, 2021

* Last Sunday in Epiphany (B): Strange and Wonderful - February 14, 2021

* Ash Wednesday: Regarding Sin - February 17, 2021

I contribute my voice to this ministry every other month beginning in January 2021 and every month beginning in January 2022. You can hear more on the Sermons that Work Podcast site.

Reframing Our Stories with Kara Haug


*Sexuality, Grief, and Miscarriage: A Conversation with The Rev. Danáe Ashley


Fertility Publications

You will find all my fertility struggle related publications under the Fertility Journey tab.

Contact me to schedule an appointment:
425.248.9224 or


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