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Fidelia's Sisters - Young Clergy Women International (YCWI)

* The Molting Season

* The Fragility of Skin

* Partners in Prayer: Advent Devotional 2015, December 6th


Working Preacher: Craft of Preaching

* Preaching + Fertility Struggle


Luther Seminary's Faith + Leader

* It's Not "Just a Dog": The Ministry of Animal Companions

* Couplehood in the Time of Pandemic

* Wedding Bells are Still Ringing: The Creativity of Pandemic Weddings

* Spiritual Direction vs. Therapy: What is the Difference?

* Prayer or Meditation Stations: Made for a Pandemic

* Clergy Care Circles: Where Somebody Cares for You!

Episcopal Café

* Speaking to the Soul: Marking Grief

* Speaking to the Soul: Quick to Listen 11/13/20

* Speaking to the Soul: St. John of the Cross and Mystics 12/14/20

* Speaking to the Soul: Who is God 1/15/21

* Speaking to the Soul: The Fast I Choose 2/8/21

* Speaking to the Soul: Together 3/8/21

* Speaking to the Soul: The Faith of Daniel 4/12/21

* Speaking to the Soul: Patience through the Wilderness 5/10/21

* Speaking to the Soul: Discernment 6/14/21

* Speaking to the Soul: Celebration 7/12/21

* Speaking to the Soul: Edith Stein 8/9/21

* Speaking to the Soul: Alvie's Garden 9/13/21

* Speaking to the Soul: Feast of St. Philip 10/11/21

Other Articles

* The University of the South, School of Theology: Balancing Private and Pastoral Practices


* Don't Talk About the Baby

* Godspace: Spirituality of Gardening Online Course - Module 4: Creating a Sacred Space in the Garden



Sermons that Work: Narrator

* Pentecost 5 (A): Come to Me - July 5, 2020

* Pentecost 6 (A): Seeds and Soil - July 12, 2020


* Pentecost 7 (A): Inheritance - July 19, 2020

* Pentecost 8 (A): Even One Cup - July 25, 2020

* Epiphany 5 (B): Revealed - February 7, 2021

* Last Sunday in Epiphany (B): Strange and Wonderful - February 14, 2021

* Ash Wednesday: Regarding Sin - February 17, 2021

I contribute my voice to this ministry every other month beginning in January 2021. You can hear more on the Sermons that Work Podcast site.

Reframing Our Stories with Kara Haug


*Sexuality, Grief, and Miscarriage: A Conversation with The Rev. Danáe Ashley


Fertility Publications

You will find all my fertility struggle related publications under the Fertility Journey tab.

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