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I Am Here For You


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You Are Not Alone

This page is dedicated to you, fellow ordained ministers, and is designed to be a way to receive support and encouragement from me -- a person who is here to remind you that, in this oftentimes isolating business of church work, you are not alone. I have served as an Associate. I have served as a Rector (Sr. Pastor). I have served seven yoked churches in a rural setting with another colleague. I have served in the suburbs and in the city. Like you, I have served in the midst of personal heartache, loneliness, boredom, frustration, financial crisis, and exhaustion. I have also served in the midst of great joy and with heaps of energy and creativity.


What I offer to you is a spiritual companion who gets it. Someone to whom you don't have to explain church lingo or what exactly it is that you do all week (because after all, don't you just work on Sunday?) Someone who understands the deep paradox of loving the people to and with whom you minister so much your heart will explode, and yet wanting to quit at the same time. Someone who understands that we can't not do what we do.


You deserve a break. So here are three just for you:


1. Ordained ministers receive a $10 discount off the first session for any of my services. If that isn't enough to make it affordable, we can negotiate.


2. Any parishioners you refer to me for Individual or Couples CounselingPrepare-Enrich, Spiritual Direction, or MARI work will receive a $10 discount off the first session if they are paying full fee.

3. Join one of my Clergy Care Circles--therapeutic group spiritual direction for clergy from diverse faiths and circumstances.

Soul Spa Seattle is the place where you are the priority! Hopefully, you will come away from whatever session you choose feeling rejuvenation of soul and spirit. 

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