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Welcome to Abiding: An Audio Retreat in Five Parts by The Rev. Danáe Ashley and narrated by the author. Music by Michael Albert.


This digital file contains all five parts - an hour and eight minutes - with no digital markers. You may download the separate parts from the shop if you want a particular one.


About this album:

This retreat is for you. It can be done sitting, standing, washing dishes, taking the dog for a walk, gardening—pretty much anywhere you have access to a device that plays audio files. In the Episcopal Church we have a saying, “All may, some should, none must” and that is how I invite you to approach this retreat. I will make suggestions, but you don’t have to follow them. You may feel like following the guide points one day and not the next. You may do all the suggestions or just let the words wash over you. The point is that you are pausing in your day to abide with God and Spirit will move as it will. So, let’s begin.


Part I - Awakening

Part II - Threshold

Part III - Tending

Part IV - Revel (Content Warning: This reflection has a section about dying and death and I do not want anyone to be surprised)

Part V - Kindness

Abiding - An Audio Retreat in Five Parts

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